Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance

Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance

Surveillance systems installation are very useful in operation of enterprises, companies and organizations. In today’s world, any manager understands that control over the staff, the movement of goods, warehouses, etc. is needed in every business.

The video surveillance system allows you to keep track of work of employees, to monitor important facilities, warehouses or manufacturing areas. Control can be carried out both in real time on monitors, and allows you to view recordings from the cameras for different periods of time. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of surveillance systems and is extremely difficult to keep everything under control without the help of video cameras.

Surveillance installation carried out in several stages:

  1. Preparation of a professional project, topology of cable routes, accounting of interference from external factors.
  2. The selection and purchase of equipment according to the technical requirements of the project and the customer.
  3. Installation of cable lines, installation and connection of CCTV cameras and installing equipment.
  4. Setting and adjusting the CCTV cameras, configuration of equipment and video image.
  5. System maintenance of video surveillance in Los Angeles and the surrounding area and, if necessary – troubleshooting and repair of cable lines, repair or replacement of equipment.

Besides surveillance systems installation and maintenance, Digico provides the following services: structured wiring, home theatre installation, and complete IT administration.

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