Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring

Digico provides structured wiring for new and existing office/home networks, A/V wiring in your office, apartment, or building. We provide the complete implementation of the project, preparation of project documentation, procurement of equipment, network installation, testing, and measurement, consulting, training, and much more. Also, we offer a variety of maintenance work on local networks. We carry out the professional installation of a computer network in the shortest possible time.

One of the biggest challenges in the design of a computer network is to understand the destination of the network. That is what functions it will perform. When designing a LAN of buildings or large offices usually a single information system should be created that allows you to load it in the future with a variety of data streams.

The obligatory requirement when designing a LAN is scalability – the possibility to expand the local network in the shortest possible time and with almost no investment.

Office or home network and A/V wiring should be entrusted to professionals. Dealing with random teams there is a risk to pay more money for the work of very poor quality. In the best case, you will lose money. In the worst – you will get network or wiring of terrible quality.

Besides structured wiring, Digico provides the following services: surveillance systems installation and maintenance, home theatre installation, and complete IT administration.

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