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DIGICO is your reliable partner and assistant based in Los Angeles, CA in the field of information technology and IT consulting. We work with companies on the basis of IT outsourcing and offer a wide range of services, successfully solving IT-tasks for small and medium-sized businesses in Los Angeles and the surrounding area for over 12 years. First of all, we provide a full range of services for Complete IT administration, surveillance cameras installation and troubleshooting, home theater installation, new and existing office/home network and A/V wiring, and development of websites and mobile applications.

Only those companies that will be able to reorganize their work with the help of electronic tools will be successful in the coming decade. Only this will allow them to make the right decisions quickly and take effective action to maintain close fruitful relations with their customers.

The operational productive work of any modern company is inconceivable without the use of computers and other electronic equipment. All organizations need to administer their workstations.

Like any other tool, computers and printers require a professional approach. Till recent times companies preferred to have their regular IT-specialist, but now, with the advent of specialized service centers, business leaders are increasingly turning to third-party IT-companies.

We march in step with the development of IT-technologies for business and constantly replenish the list of provided IT services. Along with the typical tasks we offer new opportunities – up to the development of individual IT-products to solve business problems. Our main goal at work is to contribute to the competitiveness and growth of the profit of our customers by making effective use of information and communications.

Our company is, first of all, a team of specialists with extensive work experience in information technology. Our company brings together only professionals.

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