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06/09/2016 Chris
Our company works with Digico for quite a long time, to describe it as a self-motivated team of professionals that can solve absolutely any task. We are very pleased to be working with a team of talented people, and we hope that this partnership will be long-lasting and productive.
04/29/2016 Donald
I express my gratitude to the company for the quality of the installation of a home theater in my living room. The works were carried out efficiently and in short time. The company's specialists have considered all my wishes and conducted a consultation on the use of the equipment.
09/11/2014 Haden
Our office expresses its respect and appreciation for quality, competent and attentive service of our company. We hope for further fruitful cooperation.
11/05/2012 Sally
As a result of cooperation with DIGICO for two years we can say with certainty that it right choice. We have forgotten what the network problems are, our network works flawlessly. Moreover, taking into account the work conducted by the company, for the year we have saved a considerable amount of IT expenses.
05/19/2010 Valeria
Our company specializes in providing services related to healthcare. During the construction of a new building, we were referred to DIGICO for help in constructing of communication systems. At the initial stage, the company should be engaged in the construction of an internal computer and telephone network, as well as video surveillance systems. In the next stage, the company's specialists were engaged not only in designing, but also carried out a whole work cycle related to information networks.
04/01/2008 Nik
Our company carried out an order for the supply of equipment for the server room. The scope of the order also included installation of a fiber optic cable through the building, connecting the low-current wiring, as well as the certification of the cable network. To complete the task, we have selected one of our partners – the DIGICO team. Our choice was driven by the successful cooperation with this company for several years. The work was completed on time, the quality of performed work was, as always, pleased.
03/24/2007 Frank
The DIGICO Company provides complete IT administration services to our company. The support of hardware and software component of IT-infrastructure is provided within the given service. A small group of technical support services our office of more than 300 employees in 3 offices. Our company expresses appreciation to DIGICO for the quality of work and looks forward to further fruitful cooperation.
09/09/2006 Ron
I was extremely satisfied with the cooperation with DIGICO’s team. Despite having a lot of problems from my part that interfered with work (a lack of time I have, and the problems associated with my hardware). Specialists were constantly in touch and offered alternative ways to solve problems. Deep gratitude to you guys, glad to cooperate with the responsible people!
08/13/2005 Steven
I have chosen DIGICO, taking into account the fact that the company is already 12 years in the market and has a lot of positive feedback. I do not regret the choice, and was very pleased with the performed work. Everything is done on time and exactly as I wanted. Advantages: constantly in touch, high level of knowledge, a quick consultation on all issues.
02/04/2005 Isabella
DIGICO’s team developed the project of building of IT infrastructure based on virtualization technology and successfully implemented the first phase of it. Existing work provides users with not only a new and high quality IT services, but also helped to optimize IT staff of our company. But we’re not resting on our laurels, and according to the previously developed plan, together with our partners in this year the next phase of development of the system will be implemented, which will increase its resilience and increase the level of accessibility of services.
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