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Oracle announced its cloud solution - Cloud Platform for Big Data

          Oracle Corporation announced the decision to extend the Oracle Cloud platform by integrating in its constituent the Cloud Platform for Big Data, which allows working with escalating volumes of unstructured information, speaking IT language the "big data".

          The new Oracle’s solution extends on PaaS type, having in its composition a number of solutions that help to analyze unstructured information. As part of the solution, there are tools to automate the collection and processing of information, the service for the implementation of its transfer to the cloud, analytics system, data warehouse, and other cloud-based solutions.

          Through operative work with Big Data, companies are able to achieve success in streamlining operations, improving service quality, reducing the outflow of users. Head of Oracle - Thomas Kurian said that the growth of the company's business to work with large amounts of data occurs faster than the market as a whole. The release of the new platform is the implementation of promises to customers to provide the ability to effectively use the same technology, working in enterprise and cloud infrastructures. Also, this step helps to strengthen the leading position of Oracle in the cloud computing segment.

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