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Cloud technology is becoming increasingly popular in business environment

          A special global study was conducted by IDC-analytical agency (International Data Corporation), and the company Cisco Systems. Its results provide evidence of the onset of the next wave of implementation in the corporate sector of cloud technologies.

          The respondents were the professionals responsible for IT-infrastructure functioning of medium-sized businesses, as well as a number of large corporations and small businesses. The results lead to the conclusion that today’s businesses considering cloud-platform as a means of enhancing competitiveness and stimulating introduction of innovation, not only as a tool for reducing the financial costs and improve business efficiency. The study showed that more than 50% of organizations counting on the increase in revenue in next couple of years due to the use of cloud-services. But it will not be easy to achieve this for many businesses. Only 1% of the companies have optimized cloud strategy, while 30% do not have any at all.

          Journalists have comments of senior vice president of Cisco Systems H. Earle, responsible for cloud-services (cloud and managed). He said that customers are interested in the second stage of the cloud-implementation, considering mainly hybrid and private cloud environments, considering them an effective tool for providing them the necessary data protection settings, control, cost, security and performance.

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